We remove the '5 minutes of stress' faced by parents and school, everyday!

What is SmarterBus?

  • SmarterBus is a simple, reliable, school bus tracking solution.
  • Parents can view the live tracking of their child's bus on their mobile app.
  • School transport admins can access vital information regarding the location history, speed violations and more data on the web. They can also view the live location details for all the school buses in the mobile APP.
  • RFID based tracking can be optionally implemented.


How do customers benefit from SmarterBus?

  • We provide 'GPS-As-A-Service'. With our end-to-end service, the school authority can completely offload their task of school bus GPS system management to us. The school/transport authorities need not worry about the GPS device procurement, maintenance and service issues.
  • We do not charge our customers for our devices, only for the tracking service.
  • A systematic approach for issue resolution within 2 days.
  • A step-by-step detailed guide for parents to use the solution and also steps to be taken in case of any issues faced.
  • Use of only imported GPS devices which offer the best reliability and accuracy for the schoolbus GPS tracking.
  • Use of cloud services of Amazon (AWS) for data storage and computation. This further improves the reliability and scalability for schoolbus tracking.



CCTV solution

  • We provide CCTV solutions in school buses with usually a 15-day back up system (or as per customer)
  • Depending on the requirement of school bus, we formulate the specific CCTV solution ( No. of cameras, type of cameras)
  • Cameras come with a 1 year warranty and the costs are one-time